Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe was born on May 28 1888 in Prague Olkahoma.He played 1920 through 1928.His positions were Running Back and Defensive Back. Jim played on the Canton Bulldogs,Cleveland Indians,Oorang Indians,Rock Island Independents,New York Giants,Tampa Cardinals,and the Chicago Cardinals.He also went to college at Carlisle Indian.Jim Thorpe played in 52 games plus got 6 rushing touchdowns and 4 passing touchdowns.In 1950 he was honored by being called The Greatest Athlete that ever lived.His jersey numbers were 31 and 2 in 1922 and 1 in 1923.He died on March 28 1953 in Lomita,Califoria at age 64.

Jim Thorpe was an Indian that loved sports.He once kicked a 60 yard Drop Kick.He also played baseball and was in the 1912 Olympics and got first in the High Jump.

Jim Thorpe's full name James Francis Thorpe and his nickname is Wa-tho-huck,Bright Path,and Jim.Jim had black hair and brown eye color.His parents were Hiram P.Thorpe and Mary James.His spouces were Iva Miller in 1913,Freeda Kirkpatrick in 1926,and Patricia Gladys Askew in 1945.Jim Thorpe was buried in a Private Mausoleum in Jim Thorpe,Pennsylvania.On his burial stone was written saying ''Sir,you are the Greatest Athlete in the World.".Jim Thorpe played proffesionall football far from his prime,he retired in 1928 at age 41. Jim Thorpe was the first presedent of what is now the National Football League.Thorpe was a twin,his brother,Charlie,died ate age 9.At an aunction in October 2003,a 1900 football jersey worn by Jim Thorpe reached a winning bid of $210,000.

Jim Thorpe on a Wheaties Box